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Amazing Race Canada 2 - Week 4: Macau

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Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, one of Macau China's most famous sights
It was another exciting week for the teams. If you missed the episode, check out 'Amazing Race Canada' Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Macau Mishaps for an interesting take on some of the week's highlights.

Want to go where the teams did, and do what the teams did?

The pitstop for Week 3 was located in Hong Kong, so it was from there that the teams set off on Week 4's adventures. Layover City: Hong KongHong kong skyline 2
The teams travelled from Hong Kong to Macau, China by turbojet!

This is the main means of transportation between Macau and Hong Kong and it takes about 50 minutes.
Macau Excursion from Hong Kong with Turbojet Full-Day Tour

Macau Full-Day Group Tour from Hong Kong
MAcau Jetfoil
At A-Ma Temple (Ma Kok Mui), in the Historic Centre of Macau (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), teams performed an ancient ceremony: lighting firecrackers - meant to ward off ancient spirits. See A-Ma TempleA-Ma Temple2
Are you one of those who craves to do EXACTLY what the teams did?

Then you can, indeed, bungy jump at Macau Tower.
See Macau Tower

Bungy Jump at Macau Tower
Macau Tower, Macau (2051965685)
If you want the thrill of seeing Macau from upon high, but aren't ready to bungy jump, here's some other things you can do at Macau Tower:Sky Jump at Macau Tower
Macau Tower Skywalk
Macau Tower Climb
Macau Tower Climb Express
Macau Tower Sky Walk 2
If you want to find happiness in Macau, or just the almond biscuit shop the teams visited on Happiness Street (Rua da Felicidade), take the Hop On Hop Off bus.Macau City Sightseeing Tour

Beginning at the Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral, teams that chose "Stamp It" scoured the streets looking for 6 shrines, stamping their scroll with an ancient Chinese symbol at each.See the Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral
Jesuit Convent, Macao
The façade of St Paul's in 1854
In the charm of Senado Square (Senate Square), teams who chose "Stomp It" joined a Macanese folk dance troupe to learn a complicated routine. See the Historic Centre of Macau
Macau Senate Square at Night
Gambling in Macau is central to the economy, so it's not surprise that the teams had to learn how to deal a game of Fan-Tan at the Grand Lapa Hotel.

Fan Tan gambling houses first opened in Macau in 1867, and today the game is one of just 27 game types permitted to be played.
 See Casino Lisboa
The game of Fan-Tan is very old
Next up, teams raced to the
Grand Lisboa Hotel.

From there, they navigated Macau's underground passageways to reach the pit stop.
Macau and Hong Kong Attractions Pass

See Macau Attractions Pass

Macau 30-Day City Attractions Pass
Macao Grand Lisboa200712
The pitstop for Week 4 was located at Praça de Ferreira do Amaral, in the heart of the casino action in Macau. Private Tour: Macau Day Trip from Hong KongPraca de Ferreira do Amaral
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No airports visited this week, but you can fly to Macau, of course.

Here are some things you may not know about Macau International Airport (MFM):
  • MFM is the only airport serving Macau
  • The runway is built on a strip of reclaimed land
  • The terminal building is located on Tapai Island
  • As in Hong Kong, Macau has its own immigration policies and is a separate customs territory from mainland China
  • Transfer passengers headed to Mainland China or Hong Kong, and not staying in Macau, can take advantage of the "two customs, one checkpoint" service (in-transit passengers use a bus shuttle directly from the airport to the New Macau Ferry Terminal or the Taipa Ferry Terminal without passing immigration)
If you go, the easiest way to get to/from Macau Airport (MFM) is by bus or taxi.

As always, we welcome your feedback. We'll see you after Week 5. Go teams, go!

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