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Amazing Race Canada 2 - Week 5: HKG, YXY

Yukon Visitor Information Center
The Yukon is ready to welcome you!

From Hong Kong, the teams flew back to Canada, via Vancouver, and up to Whitehorse. Miss the episode? You can watch it here.

Want to go where the teams did, and do what the teams did?

The teams emerged from Week 4's pitstop in Macau - which began in the heart of the casino action at Praça de Ferreira do Amaral - at the Kun Iam Statue.Things to do in MacauMacau skyline 2013
We didn't see all the details, but the teams hopped another Turbojet, then flew from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) to Whitehorse Airport (YXY), in Canada's Yukon Territory.#ExploreYukon Through The Amazing Race Canada

Whitehorse Guided Bike Tour
Aerial view of Whitehorse and the Yukon River
Also off-screen, the teams spent the night at Sky High Wilderness Ranch, before setting out again the next morning. Sky High Wilderness Ranch

4-Night Yukon Summer Adventure Including Yurt Lodging
Fire in the Sky
A Whitehorse sunset
The first part of the week's competition began with Make Your Bed (which involved setting up a campsite) or Ride a Sled (gearing up a dog sled team then letting the dogs take them for a run). Definitely fun to watch.Whitehorse Copper Trail

3-Night Yukon Territory Tour from Whitehorse

Yukon Quest dogs (wikicommons)
At the Biathalon Yukon Course, one member of each team had to ride a snow bike on a 1 kilometre (0.62 mile) course in the woods, then lay flat at the shooting range, and calmly (!?!) shooting the targets (with another bike around the track for misses), until all 5 targets were hit.Grey Mountain
Biathalon Yukon
Biathalon Canada

Yukon 4x4 Off-Road Tour to Montana Mountain
Starting Glitch Costs Teela in 2010 Winter Olympics Biathlon
The concentration of a biathalon shooter - Olympic style
Out of the shooting range, the teams headed to Chadburn Lake, where they had to portage a canoe to the Yukon River at Miles Canyon... and paddle to the pit stop for week 5!Chadburn Lake
Yukon River
Miles Canyon

Yukon River Canoe Day Trip from Whitehorse
Miles Canyon Whitehorse (1)
Miles Canyon
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Now, to the airports... We don't have a lot to share, as this week's airports were all return visits:
We hope you are enjoying our posts. Feel free to post feedback, and we'll see you soon in Week 6. Go teams, go!

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