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Amazing Race Canada 2 - Week 7: Normandy

Canadian war vet returns to Juno Beach
with The Amazing Race Canada

Story and picture courtesy of the Calgary Herald
Want to go where the teams did, and do what the teams did in Week 7? If so, you are headed to France!

The teams emerged from the pitstop in Winnipeg, and set out from Portage and Main... to head to France! The teams flew to Paris, then made their way northward to the Normandy region of France. With such a historic year in the region - 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day - the teams spent an entire episode here.D-Day 70th aniversary commemorations

At Coquainvilliers, at the Calvados Boulard distillery, one team member had to take a sample of calvados from a barrel and use a mathematical formula to distil the calvados to 40% ABV, and the satisfaction of the distiller. Visit the Calvados Boulard distillery
Bottle of Boulard calvados
Next, teams had to find Le Molay-Littry (or Hôtel de Ville), to receive their next clue. Those that thought Hôtel de Ville was a hotel were suitably stymied for awhile (read an amusing Hôtel de Ville as hotel story). Visit Le Molay-Littry
The liberation of Le Molay-Littry
In the leg's Detour, teams that chose Show It first travelled to Saon (Ferme Elevage de Nesque). Once there, they chose a horse, groomed it, then had to correctly braid the horse's mane. Visit Saon
Saon - Eglise Saint-Aubin
In the courtyard of Bayeux Tapestry Museum (Musée de la Tapisserie de Bayeux), teams that chose Tell It had to correctly sequence a series of images of the Norman invasion of England, as depicted in the tapestry. Visit the Bayeux Tapestry Museum on a Tour
Visit the museum on your own
Bayeux Tapestry WillelmDux
In Asnelles, teams participated in land sailing, completing a thrilling and mostly fun circuit on the beach shore 10 times. Land sailing is also referred to as sand yachting, or land yachting. Learn more...Go land sailing at Asnelles
At the Bény-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery, teams took a moment of reflection to honour the 2049 Canadian soldiers buried at the site. Learn more...Visit the Canadian War Cemetery
At the Remembrance and Renewal statue at the Juno Beach Centre, teams gave their Lest We Forget card to the Canadian Army D-Day re-enactor stationed there. Visit the Juno Beach Centre
Juno Beach Centre
Week 7's Pit Stop was a somber but meaningful one, at Juno Beach, which played such an important role in Canada's World War II effort, on D-Day. Each team had memorable opportunity to meet Canadian War Vet, Jim Parks.Visit Juno Beach
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Now, to the airports...

The teams flew to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) - but did you know this is just one of several airports serving the City of Lights? We'll say more about this in next week's blog post.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of information, and how to's helpful. We'll see you in Week 8. Go teams, go!

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