Thursday, 8 August 2013

Amazing Race Canada - Week 4: YYC, YZF

This week on The Amazing Race Canada, it was off to Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories!

The teams took off from Calgary International Airport (YYC) - which we wrote about in our Week 3 Recap - and flew to Yellowknife. Brr!

The Bristol Monument - on display near Yellowknife Airport.
This Bristol freighter was the very plane that was the
first the land on skis at the North Pole in 1967.
After landing in Yellowknife at the Yellowknife Airport (YZF), the teams had to find Pilot's Monument.
The Bush Pilot's Monument in Yellowknife pays tribute to
the bush pilots who opened up the far north. Bush pilots still
provide essential service to Canada's remote communities. 
Then, the teams needed to find Great Slave Lake. Humorous, as it was frozen over, and more than one person missed the fact that they were just looking at it from atop the Bush Pilot's Monument (great view from up there!).

Then, it was time for an ice cold dip. Yikes!

After a flight in wee teensy planes to Carcross, in the Yukon, the teams had to try their hand at activities related to the Yukon Klondike gold rush. No gold, but a Duchess! (she's a train).
Yes, it's a desert in Canada's North!
Then it was a race across the Carcross desert to the Week 4 Pit Stop. Wow, what a whirlwind!

Image source: wikicommons

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