Tuesday 8 July 2014

Amazing Race Canada - Season 1 airports recap

With Season 2 upon us, we thought we would recap the airports that the Amazing Race Canada teams visited in Season 1.

We started with our Amazing Race Canada - Season 1 Airport Quiz. Did you try it out? How did you do? If not, take the quiz now and check your memory!.

In Season 1, The Amazing Race Canada's visited 12 Canadian airports (the links below go to our transportation guides for each):
ASJ Air Canada - Airbus A320-211 - C-FTJR - 216 - Flight ACA1255 CUN - YYZ (9480219949)
Air Canada is The Amazing Race Canada's lead sponsor
As Season 1 unfolded, we blogged about the visits, and a bit more about the airports themselves. If you'd like to read up, here's a link to all our Amazing Race Canada Season 1 blog posts.

We also did a little feature on Toronto Billy Bishop City Centre Airport (YTZ) as, while the teams didn't visit the airport, they did visit the Toronto Islands, in the city centre, where YTZ is located (read it here).

We hope you will follow along as we blog about the airports visited on Season 2 of The Amazing Race Canada. We'll even tell you about the best ways to get to/from each, in case you are inspired to visit!

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